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Ratepayers of the Municipality of Glenella – Lansdowne are hereby advised that the following RATES OF DISCOUNTS will be allowed on payment of 2022 taxes:
        January        3%
        February      2.5%
        March          2%
        April            1.5%
        May             1%
        June – Oct    par
The amount will be calculated based on your previous year’s tax amount.  The 2022 Tax Bills will not be mailed until June 2022.  Any balances owing will be due October 31, 2022.


Ratepayers can now pay their taxes and water bills on-line if they bank with a credit union. When you add payee, search for our name as Glenella-Lansdowne.  When paying your property taxes you will use the entire roll number, including all zeros with no decimal point.  When paying your waterbill you will use the entire account number including all zeros.  Please check with the municipal office if they require any additional information or assistance.

We also accept E-Transfers.  Use our email address rmofglen@inetlink.ca and no security question is required.

Both Municipal Offices have mail slots which allows you to pay after hours, by putting your cheque in the slot.

We will email your receipt if we have a current email address on file.


The Municipality of Glenella-Lansdowne is committed to meeting the accessibility needs of all
people.  We are committed to providing a clear, proactive approach to identify, remove and prevent accessibility barriers and to meet the requirements of The Accessibility for Manitobans Act.  Please see the Municipal Accessibility Plan as attached Municipal Accessibility Plan – 2019