Existing bylaws in the previous municipalities are still in effect until new bylaws are passed. The following are the new bylaws in place for the amalgamated municipality:

Municipality of Glenella – Lansdowne Bylaws       
 Bylaw 3-2020 Whitemud Watershed
Bylaw 2-2020 Indemnity
Bylaw 1-2020 Tax Discounts
Bylaw 6-2019 Dogs
Bylaw 5-2019 Centra Gas
Bylaw 4-2019 Tax Bylaw
By-law 2-2019 Organizational Bylaw

RM of Glenella Bylaws still in effect:
by-law 3-2012-utility rates
By-law 3-2012 water rates schedule A

RM of Lansdowne Bylaws still in effect:
2103-08 Arden Water & Sewer Rates Bylaw
2101-08 General Borrowing -Bylaw-lagoon