Municipality  of Glenella-Lansdowne  is comprised of six wards, each with its own elected representatives. The Reeve is the head of Council and is elected by the entire municipality.

The Council currently consists of the following representatives:

Reeve – Richard Funk
Ward One Councillor -Greg McConnell
Ward Two Councillor – Roland Marohn
Ward Three Councillor – Don Boxall
Ward Four Councillor -Bryan McCutchin
Ward Five Councillor – Arnie Suski
Ward Six Countillor – John Pottinger                                                        


Council meetings are held the second Thursday of each month in the municipal office in Glenella.  Please note the meeting start time changes for the months December – March from 9 am to 9:30am


The Municipality of Glenella – Lansdowne intends to participate in one or more procurements conducted by and behalf of the AMM Trading Company between November 1, 2018-December 31, 2019.  For further information and access to the AMM Trading Company Notices, please review the MERX website at  For further information about the AMM Trading Company, please visit

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Audited Financial Statement – 2015
Audited Financial Statement – 2016
Audited Financial Statements – 2017

Property Tax
The name and address which appear on your tax statement are in accordance with the information and advice which have been made available to the Municipal Office. If the property is in the process of a change in ownership it is the responsibility of the person so named on the tax bill to ensure payment is made. If, however, an ownership change has since occurred, please forward the enclosed bill to the current owner or return it immediately to the Municipal Office. It is important that the Municipal Office be advised of any change in ownership or mailing address in order to ensure that the tax bill is properly forwarded. It should be noted that failure to receive a tax bill does not excuse a property owner from the responsibility for payment of taxes nor relieve that owner from liability for any late payment. Tax arrears and penalties must be paid in full before payment can be applied to current taxes.